Tracking & Improvement

Tracking activity, reviewing that activity, and using the information to improve existing campaigns and create new ones is crucial to success.  Without tracking and review there is no way to know where you have been, so you can make your path forward.

Web marketing affords a level of being able to try things quickly and inexpensively while getting almost immediate feedback.  With a mailing campaign, you prepare the mailing, go to print, mail ​thousands and wait to see what happens.  With the web you can be trying different messages on web sites, pay per click advertising, social media, blogs, and receiving almost instantaneous feedback on what is working, and which combinations of messaging provide the most qualified prospects.

Each form of online marketing has different levels of tracking capability.  We compile all the different reports from each site, social media sites, microsites, etc. to look at the big picture and make continuous improvements to:

      • Increase the number of visitors
      • Increase the conversion rate of those visitors who make contact
      • Increase the conversion rate of the prospects who ultimately become customers
      • Obtain feedback on the status of your companies online reputation


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