Our System

Effective use of technology is a powerful weapon for leading companies. Today there are thousands of on-line marketing offerings available that are often overlapping, not easy to use, and at a very large variety of price points.

Broad Reach Applications has created the Broad Reach Digital Marketing System, which combines the best technologies available, our proprietary technology, a highly skilled staff, and proven marketing methods, to achieve the highest integrated marketing results.

The Broad Reach Digital Marketing System:

  • Identifies who your best prospects are to target using web marketing
  • Creates on-line targeted marketing messages for your prospects
  • Delivers those messages when your prospects are looking for them
  • Dramatically increases the effectiveness of search engine marketing
  • Streamlines the on-line marketing process
  • Supports and enhances your traditional off-line marketing activities
  • Tracks activities and results of all campaigns

There are a variety of services that each play a part in creating channels of:

  • Positioning, Strategy & Internet Marketing Plan
  • Build Sites & Create Content
  • Mobile Web Sites
  • Social Media & Business Media Marketing – (Internet Business Networking™)
  • Web Advertising (PPC)
  • Microsite Marketing Campaigns
  • Tracking & Improvement
  • Video & Photography



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