Video Overview

  • Series of quick smaller videos with minimal editing that look great, communicate vast amounts of information quickly, and can be used in a variety of ways.
  • Videos & photos of your events, speaking engagements, etc., that can be used to show your involvement in your industry and improve your industry knowledge reputation.
  • Set up video shooting programs for your video blog
  • Informational and training videos that are more of a documentary style
  • Editing of your existing video into new works and media formats

Video and photography have been around for quite some time but they are now often called ‘New Media’ because, with faster Internet connections, and digital photo and video cameras everywhere, the use of video and photography on the web has exploded. Now you can use the story telling power of video quickly, much less expensively, and more often to perform actual ‘selling’ on the web. The time savings and effectiveness of strategically using video to accomplish steps in your selling process are incredible.

At Broad Reach we create several kinds of videos with different levels of filming and editing. Each type of video has it’s place depending on your needs, goals, and what information you need to convey to sell your product or service.Video clips are often used today, instead of long videos, because of how easily they can be inserted onto web sites and online social media and business media sites.

We often look to shoot video in small segments, e.g., each speaker at an event, or a small clip for each product or service, so they can easily be ‘posted’ to web sites, or social media sites.

We have lots of examples we can show you. Call us and we can quickly discuss what your needs are, and then show you real life applications of video that can enhance your company image, communicate more information, and bring social media alive.


​To create a successful web site you need:

  • Marketing exercises; (SWOT & prospect & customer profiling) to ensure that your efforts to create a web site are targeted to serve your customers and interest each of your prospect types.
  • Award Winning Design Team
  • Utilize techniques and technologies to link with the rest of your Internet marketing
  • Technical team that can create or integrate technologies that serve your customers and/or prospects, e.g. product search, product configurator, quote generator, etc
  • Strategy to make the above be effective for you and your customers

Broad Reach Applications can redesign a non-performing web site. Our strategy process for profiling your best prospects generates the information needed to structure the site and develop the content.


Our award winning design team can add the creative and professional design needed to convey your best image.



Your company’s web site can be an online brochure that says just about the same thing as all of your competitors, or it can:


  • Be the landing point for all of your targeted inbound links from social media and other web sites
  • Reflect your competitive strengths for each of your niche markets
  • Contain pages that strategically lead prospects through your sales process
  • Provide added ‘industry reputation’ power to help win against competitors
  • Allow for tracking of activity and  effectiveness of content
  • Have content constructed specifically to intercept searches your prospects are making
  • Convey your company image and reputation on the web
  •  Be an integral part of your digital marketing system of sites and social media activity

We like to use Content Management System (CMS ) technology, such as; WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal to construct web sites.  These systems come with many capabilities ‘pre packaged’ so you don’t have to reprogram the wheel to add features to your site, saving vast amounts of time and money.  Each system has different features so we choose which one to use based on your functionality and design needs.

The greatest benefit of CMS technology is that the web sites can be changed and updated easily to facilitate:

  • Updates by your own office staff to keep the site current
  • Updates by our social media staff quickly and inexpensively
  • Continuous improvement of content and messaging
  • Integration with new online and offline marketing programs

There are many examples of the web sites we have created for clients that address the myriad of different needs each client has to effectively market their products or services.

Please feel free to call us or email us and we will be happy to review them with you after a brief discussion to identify which types of sites might be right for your company.

Microsite marketing campaigns

Information is Power

Microsite marketing is a very powerful and effective process to utilize Pay Per Click advertising from Google search pages, Bing, Yahoo!, Facebook, Linkedin and others, to test several marketing messages simultaneously thus identifying the most effective ad copy, messages, and ‘calls to action’ that generate the most prospects.

We test many messages for each unique market, product, or service, over a period of a few months.  With daily tracking of every detail of every activity and every response from prospects, we find the combinations of market niches and messages that dramatically increase the return on investment (ROI) of using Pay Per Click advertising.

Our microsite marketing methodology has helped us achieve an average of 600% improvement in effectiveness in Pay Per Click advertising campaigns for our clients when we have taken over the management of their PPC accounts.

The Broad Reach Micro Marketing System utilizes this information capability to:

  • Know all activity of each marketing niche, event, product or service
  • Know which promotions are working
  • ​Allow experimentation with new campaigns for low cost
  • Provide instant feedback on results and effectiveness

Information about the “person” calling or inquiring, and activity on the sites is tracked. The system tracks the complete “lead to order” process. The system will track the leads for each market niche through the sales process to ultimately becoming a customer.

This “real time” data generated by the sites activity is used to refine your marketing programs for increased effectiveness. We adjust the micro-sites, ads, and targets to zero in on the most effective ways to reach your prospects.

Broad Reach Microsite Marketing campaigns:

  • Find the highest return on investment (ROI) campaigns that generate highly qualified prospects
  • Identify effective Pay Per Click advertising messaging that results in extremely high rates of delivering quality prospects for specific products or services
  • Uncover the ‘breakthrough’ combinations of ads and messaging that perform much higher than other campaigns
  • Determine which market niches and campaigns to focus your Pay Per Click marketing expenditures on
  • Not only identify the good messaging that works, but identify the messaging that is not effective
  • Use the knowledge gained on keyword and messaging effectiveness to improve your use ​of keywords and messaging on all web site content and social media campaigns
  • Use the market research knowledge to improve off line marketing materials and campaigns as well

Seven People Across the World given “the key” to the Internet

Believe it or not, this is completely true and seven keys exist in the world.  The seven people that hold a key are from the United Sates, the United Kingdom, Burkina, Faso, Trinidad and Tobago, Canada, China, and the Czech Republic.  Cindy Perman from takes a slightly comical approach on the situation with her article, “The Internet Illuminati: Seven Hold Keys to the Digital Universe.”